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Plastic not so fantastic – it’s time for businesses to toss plastic bags for good

PacPlus Wholesalers’ employees showcase their range of approved carry bag alternatives.

With light-weight plastic bags being the latest single-use plastic item to be banned by the Queensland Government, local packing supply company, PacPlus Wholesalers, are leading the charge when it comes to helping local businesses find suitable alternatives.

From September 1, businesses will no longer be able to provide customers with single-use heavyweight plastic carry bags, including those labelled as ‘reusable’, prompting many local retail businesses to once again rethink their packaging options.

“When the original lightweight plastic bag ban was introduced back in 2018, we saw a lot of our customers choose heavyweight bags as an alternative with the idea being that they could be reused by the end consumer,” explains Grant Kenny, Director of PacPlus Wholesalers. “Understandably, these new rules are causing confusion and concern for many small business owners who feel like they’re left with little options or that paper alternatives will blow their budget.”

With three stores across the Central Queensland region, PacPlus Rockhampton, PacPlus Bundaberg and Mackay Cleaning & Packaging Supplies, and over 25 years’ experience in the wholesale packaging industry, Grant says he and his staff are here to help businesses make the transition as simple and pain-free as possible.

“We know deciphering what is included in the ban and what isn’t can be half the challenge, making it hard to know what alternatives are available,” says Grant. “We’ve got one of the largest ranges of packaging supplies in CQ as well as the capacity to order in anything specific that our customers might need, so I’d encourage people to give us a call so we can help them find the best solution for their business, industry and budget.”

Additionally, with the government planning to further extend the ban in the near future, Grant also recommends businesses take the time to reconsidering their packaging options now to avoid being caught out in the future.

“The government have made it no secret that there’ll be further changes to come in the packaging industry so we’re always advising our customers to future-proof their packaging choices now in order to stay ahead of future legislation changes,” advises Grant. “That way, they can assure that the stock they’re ordering can be used indefinitely and minimise the number of changes that need to be made.”

PacPlus also stocks a wide range of other alternative, eco-friendly packaging products including takeaway cups, trays, plates, clams, cutlery and straws.

For more information about the new plastic bag ban and the alternative packaging options available, call your nearest PacPlus store;

PacPlus Rockhampton: (07) 4926 1681

PacPlus Bundaberg: (07) 4151 1324

Mackay Cleaning and Packaging Supplies: (07) 4953 0200


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